“Secure Hop” or How Attackers Bypass Microsoft Office365 ATP (Advanced Threat Protection)

In this post, I’ll present an analysis of a phishing attack we recently saw in the wild that targeted Facebook. The attackers used an easy trick we called “secure hop” to bypass Microsoft Office365 ATP solution (tested) and probably other … Read More

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phishing collage

The Phishing Collage

We recently encountered a wave of attacks targeting Google G Suite using a technique we named the ‘phishing collage’ which evades different traditional solutions that try to detect zero-day phishing attacks by parsing and analysis of HTML payload. Attack Analysis … Read More

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Hello World, The State of Phishing, Self-Driving Cars and Quantum Computing

We live in a very fascinating time with technology advances like never before. Self-driving cars and quantum computers are just some of the amazing innovations that are going to change life as we know it and they are going to … Read More

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