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Yesterday we released idn-protect-chrome as part of a bigger move. We are planning to open-source our main product PhishProtectTM to all major browsers.

Wait What? Why?

We are doing this for a couple of reasons

  1. The security community is not open-source enough. That is a problem because for every small security issue we get a company funded instead of solving it as a community. This causes two sub-problems:
    1. A lot of security companies confusing the customer.
    2. Community solutions are more effective in a lot of cases.
  2. Not every feature should cost money especially features that do not need extensive support and don’t have substantial hosting costs. This is precisely the use-case for open-source tools.
  3. Browser extensions are open-source in any case, so if someone want to get the code he can easily get it. The point of putting the code on Github is that now we can use the power and knowledge of the community (Kudos to the first Pull-request in our Tool
  4. Security is a lot about trust and this way you can be sure there is no shady code in the security product you install.

What is your business model?

The core technology of the company is it’s AI and Computer Vision algorithms and database that can compare similar websites visually to detect & prevent phishing attacks. This requires extensive support of cyber-security analysts and substantial hosting costs and development. This will stay closed source and will run only on our servers.


The product without the features that require extensive server-side costs and support will be free and open-source forever. We look forward to working with the open-source security community and making the world a little more open and secure (Sorry for the cliche but I had to:))

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