Hello World, The State of Phishing, Self-Driving Cars and Quantum Computing

We live in a very fascinating time with technology advances like never before. Self-driving cars and quantum computers are just some of the amazing innovations that are going to change life as we know it and they are going to happen in our lifetimes. As technology progresses, some issues remain unresolved—one of these is the issue of phishing that goes way back to the 1980s (it was first described in an HP paper in 1987—according to Wikipedia), and it is still a growing problem that seems to go nowhere and just keeps getting bigger.

Organizations deploy multiple layers of security technologies to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. But even with these controls in place, organizations are still far more likely to be compromised via phishing than any other attack method.

Even with record investments in technology, talent, and training, the number of breaches attributed to phishing attacks continues to grow as the shift to the cloud creates a massive opportunity for cybercriminals to target these websites.

This is why we started Phish.AI to connect the advancements of today’s artificial intelligence and computer vision to close the gap on a three-decade-old problem that persists even now.

Today, we launched a Beta version of our flagship product PhishProtectTM browser. To be part of it, please sign up for a demo.

I look forward to having you join us on this incredible journey.

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